I was born in the UK in 1994. I spent most of my childhood living between the country side on the south coast of England and on the cusp of the bustling city of London,  having this double sided life early on surely had a lasting effect on me. Looking back, I believe this dual lifestyle helped form my perception on the world, helping me find the natural beauty in the mundane.  I spent some time studying nature of biology and physics alongside my artistic practice during my later teens, furthering my passion for the physical and metaphysical.  This new perspective imbued in me a deep respect for the strangeness of our awe inspiring being. 

Though I work full time, I still invest the majority of my day working on my personal projects. I have fostered an ongoing interest for artistic expression and this interest has never stopped constituting itself as a priority to me.  I now follow my passions to focus primarily on portraiture of surrealistic and realistic nature culminating in my latest thematic project.

My current practice is informed by modern psychology and ancient Egyptian mythos re-imagined through a series of lunar deities. Focusing on the human gaze and its effect on the physical world, or how the lack of attention leads to primeval chaos if left too long unchecked. This series features representations of the archetypal deities of Horus, Isis, Osiris and Set using contemporary ideologies as influence. 


"Their work is a conscious effort to uncover lost stories hidden in the human psyche, with direction influenced as much by chance, as it is intentional design. Constructing a world of twisted creatures and indomitable monsters by combining nature, fiction, and both natural forms and the unnatural.

They enjoy seeing their creations take on new life as their forms are realised through a mixture of careful study and chaotic sketching using graphite, charcoals, oils, acrylics, and inks 

Following study of graphic design and then biological science, their artwork is influenced by both balance and narrative. Coming from a background such as this has allowed a fresh perspective on a multitude of art forms, enabling an ability to render life from endless ambiguity."

Portrait & Concept Artist, London

For further details and enquiries, please email me at: ophanap@gmail.com

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