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My top picks for Drawing Supplies: 


Why I use Staedtler's Mars Lumograph pencils: They're a great starter set for beginners, they're affordable and they're perfect for sketching. Honestly, all artist-grade pencils are good enough so it usually comes down to personal preference, I've been using these pencils for over two years exclusively now as they've been my favourite. I tend to switch between these pencils, my mechanical pencil (Mentioned below) and Mars Lumograph black pencils, which are almost the same pencil though the graphite is more matte-black as they're designed to leave a darker tone than traditional graphite pencils and leave less shine when viewed at an angle. You can check out the Mars black pencils here on amazon


Why I use Mono Zero eraser pen: It's the easiest way to erase finer details while drawing. This eraser is my go-to workhorse for erasing and is my top choice by far. It works like a pen or mechanical pencil, so you press the button at the end to extend the tip as it wears down, you can order replacement tips for your eraser pen at a reduced price when they run out too. The white eraser is powerful, despite its size it still has the capacity to erase fairly dark marks down to almost white, something that normal rubbers can sometimes struggle with. Highly recommend this product for any artist interested in drawing. You can get replacement tips here if you already own the pen


Why I use Derwent Battery Powered eraser: Really handy for stubborn mistakes. This beast will easily remove all graphite from the page down to pure white. As with any eraser, this can remove the tooth of the paper destroying it if used too vigorously so use only when necessary. It's often better to work softly when drawing but this handy little tool can be a life-saving backup plan!


Why I use Rotring Mechanical pencil 0.5mm: Mechanical pencils are fantastic tools for sketching. There's no need to sharpen as they stay consistently at their fine point, for this reason, I use the 0.5mm as opposed to the 0.7mm because I prefer finer lines but this is a purely aesthetical choice and both are great. I tend to use this mechanical pencil to do the initial sketch and touch-up on finer details, and other pencils to block out larger areas. Again, You can buy replacement graphite sticks for this pencil in bulk, though they last much longer than you'd think! I've only ever bought one replacement set and I've used this pencil for about two years. 


Why I use Faber-Castell Kneadable Eraser: In my opinion, kneadable erasers are much better than traditional erasers. You can mould them into fine points and round shapes to erase anything from tiny to large areas. This is great for working into backgrounds but also intricate areas. Faber-Castell's version is the best one I've come across so far, I've been through as many as I can find and it consistently erases even stubborn mistakes. Many other erasers struggle to do so and even rub the texture off the paper before the graphite - nightmare. I've used these erasers exclusively for three years now. 

My top picks for Painting Supplies: 

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