Recommended reading: Selling art online

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I wrote the following articulate after researching the topic for a number of weeks and distilled down what I deemed the most important details to make a living as an artist. 

You can read on my site here: here: https://www.ophanap.co.uk/post/sell-art-online (Approx 25 mins. Save for later if you don't finish in a single sitting!)

Recommended Books for Drawing & Painting 


Why I Recommend Juliette Aristides's Figure drawing atelier: This book is an incredible resource for learning the classical approach to figure drawing. It will ease you through the basics of figure drawing, including the line of action, through to block ins and more intermediate-level skills. Each section comes with exercises that you can draw on the book to concrete your new-found knowledge. This book is primarily aimed at beginners but will be useful for growing artists also, and is a great refreshment on the basics of figure drawing. 

I've come to this book a number of times now to reference certain principles in my work and it has been invaluable. 


"Figure Drawing Atelier offers a comprehensive, contemporary twist to the very traditional Atelier approach to the methods that instruct artists on the techniques they need to successfully draw and ultimately paint the figure."


Why I Recommend James Gurney's Color and Light: I found James Gurney through his Youtube videos. He's an incredibly articulate art teacher and this book stands as a testament to that. Gurney's Color and Light does a fantastic job of explaining the fundamentals of using these skills in drawing and painting. The book reveals how the study of light affects the 3D form and the properties of colour and pigment play a role in art. 

This book breaks down the often misunderstood subjects of colour theory and makes them accessible to any level artist. 

"James Gurney's new book, Color and Light, cleverly bridges the gap between artistic observation and scientific explanation. Not only does he eloquently describe all the effects of color and light an artist might encounter, but he thrills us with his striking paintings in the process." --Armand Cabrera


Why I Recommend Steve Huston's Figure Drawing for Artists: Huston's Figure drawing for artists provides a great alternative to Aristedes's Figure drawing atelier. This book provides a more in-depth look at the components of drawing a figure successfully. I would start with Aistedes's book first and move on to Huston's to learn more extensively about drawing the human figure as he does a fantastic job in the second half of the book breaking down each of the body parts, detailing how to draw the form, perspective and value. 

"Figure Drawing for Artists: Making Every Mark Count is not a typical drawing instruction book; it explains the two-step process behind juggernauts like DreamWorks, WB and Disney"